Jacob Munch

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Jacob Edvardsson Munch (Christiania, 9 August 1776 – 10 June 1839)[2] was a Norwegian military officer[3] and painter.[4][5] His teacher was French Neoclassical painter Jacques-Louis David.

Jacob is famous for his painting of the coronation of King Charles XIV John of Sweden. He also helped the founding of Norwegian National Academy of Craft and Art Industry.

Jacob was a son of inspector Edvard Munch (1738–1793) and Petronelle Helene Krefting[6] (1746 – 1810), and he married Emerentze Carlsen Barclay (1786–1869), whose father was Christen Carlsen Barclay, whilst her mother was Severine Bøhme. Jacob and Emerentze were the parents of Sophie Edvarda Munch, Emma Wilhelmine Munch, Nicoline Munch and Marie Fredrikke Munch.

His relatives were medical officer Christian Munch,[7] famous painter Edvard Munch[8] and Peter Andreas Munch.

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