Jack Taylor (heavyweight man)

Jack Taylor (c. 1946 – 4 February 2006) was reputedly Britain's fattest man.

Taylor claimed to weigh 700 pounds (50 st) (or 317kg) and had to wear specially made trousers of 80 inches (200 cm) waist. He became all but a recluse, spending his days simply eating and watching videos, and venturing outside exclusively for hospital appointments. Taylor achieved notoriety in Germany for his eccentric appearance, notably his wig, which he fashioned himself from electrical tape. If anyone asked him about his "hair", he would answer "It's Jack's creation!".

His diet was said to consist of up to 15 tandooris each day. He achieved some notoriety as a result of his size, including appearing on the TV show The Fattest Men in Britain alongside Barry Austin. In one TV show, Being The Fattest Man, he was weighed at 31 stones (or 196kg). However, Taylor believed he was much heavier, and this annoyed him greatly; he insisted the scales were faulty.

He died on 4 February 2006 at the age of 60 from a heart attack. Taylor was cremated at Rawdon crematorium in Leeds, which has special facilities to deal with larger coffins.

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