Isn't She Lovely

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Tamla promotional single (1976)
"Isn't She Lovely" is a song by Stevie Wonder from his 1976 album, Songs in the Key of Life. The lyrics celebrate the birth of his daughter, Aisha. There are three verses, each ending with the phrase "isn't she lovely, made from love" (or "so very lovely ..."). Constructed over basic chord changes, the song is a fusion of jazz and pop elements.

Wonder performed the song live for Queen Elizabeth II at her Diamond Jubilee Concert on June 4, 2012, with lyrics modified to refer to the Queen.

Wonder released two different versions of the song – the longer album version opens with the sound of a baby crying, and the outro features Aisha as a baby; a promotional single edited for radio leaves out the crying baby sounds at the beginning and has a much shorter outro.

The song was not issued as a commercial single and therefore it did not appear on the major charts in the US and UK. However, due to radio airplay, it reached number 23 on the Billboard Adult Contemporary chart on January 29, 1977.

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