Imagine Schools

Imagine Schools is a charter management organization in the United States, operating 55 schools in 9 states. They are K-8, for the most part.[2] In 2015, Imagine schools had enrolled 29,812 students.[3]:87

Imagine Schools was founded by Dennis and Eileen Bakke with $155 million of the fortune Dennis had earned as Chief Executive Officer of AES Corporation, a global energy provider which he co-founded in 1981.[4]

Beacon Education Management was founded in 1996.[5] By 2008, Imagine had grown to 56 schools.[6]

In 2015, Imagine adopted non-profit tax status.[1] Similar organizations are known as charter management organizations (CMOs). Other large non-profits are KIPP (209 schools) and Cosmos.

Similar services are provided by for-profit entities known as education management organizations (EMOs). K12 was the largest in the US in 2011-2012.[7] K12 does not manage any brick-and-mortar schools, instead delivering schooling on line.

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