Ice hockey at the 2002 Winter Olympics – Women's tournament

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The women's tournament in ice hockey at the 2002 Winter Olympics was held in Provo and West Valley City, United States, from 11 to 21 February. Eight teams competed, seeded into two groups. Canada won the final by a score of 3–2 over the United States, who were awarded silver. The bronze medal game was won by Sweden with a 2–1 victory over Finland.

The tournament consisted of 20 games: 12 in the preliminary round (teams play the other teams in their own group); 4 final classification games; 2 semifinal games; 1 bronze medal game; and 1 final.

The qualification process, and seedings for the Olympic tournament, came from the final standings of the 2000 IIHF Women's World Championship. The top six nations were given direct entry to the Olympics, the final two spots were contested in a qualification tournament. The nations ranked seven through ten played a round robin in Engelberg, Switzerland from 8 to 11 February 2001.

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