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Homme (Hangul옴므) is a South Korean musical duo. The duo is composed of Lee Hyun and Lee Chang-min.

The duo consists of former 2AM member, Lee Changmin and 8Eight's Lee Hyun and formed as a project group in 2010, releasing their first digital single "I Was Able to Eat Well." The song was the signature debut project for 2010's Mnet 20's Choice Awards producer Bang Shi-hyuk (aka 'Hitman Bang'), and was listed as the second most popular by Gaon in mobile ringtone sales in 2010. On their first anniversary, in July 2011, they released it as part of an EP "HOMME," and again as part of a mini-album "Pour les femmes" in 2014. They performed the song, which won 'Best Ballad Song' at the "1st Korea Music Copyright Awards" ceremony hosted by the Korea Music Copyright Association (KOMCA) in December 2011.

"I Was Able to Eat Well" also received attention in 2011 when Korea's Youth Protection Committee (YPC) banned it for those under 19 for lyrics which included, "I’ll drink heavily with my friends to forget everything" and "Blub, blub, blub after I drank heavily yesterday." A song of Beast's was similarly censored at the same time.

Other singles they have done include "It Girl," "Man Should Laugh," and 2015's "Let's Not Cry," which preceded their October concert series "Hommexit" performed in Seoul. Also in 2015, they released another single "Ain't No Love."

In March 2016, they performed a concert to celebrate White Day, "The Homme's Love" at Yonsei University.

They have appeared on KBS2’s music variety show Immortal Songs 2, and on National Singing Contest in September 2015, performing their trot number "Nest."

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