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Hluk (in Germany Hulken) is a town in Uherské Hradiště District in Zlín Region of the Czech Republic, 10 km southeast from Uherské Hradiště on stream Okluky. In 2011 it had a population about 4400. The town was first mentioned in year 1294. The name of Hluk is very likely derived from Latin word "hlucium" (en: noise).

The first written mention of the village dates from 1294. The original name of the city Hluk was established, according to extant sources, from the Latin word "hlucium" to noisily running water stream Okluky, which flows through the town. Perhaps it is also the connection between the name and the medieval city of Hluk Lucká province, which was the center of Hluk possible.

The city is famous for its traditional Ride of the Kings, which is held every three years, on the first weekend in July (the closest Ride of the Kings is attributable to 2017). This folk tradition commemorates historic event, when King Matthias Corvinus after losing the battle fled through Hluk in female disguise.

At present, there is a tradition maintained style when through the city is decorated with ribbons and decorated horses transported the little boy in the women national costumes of Hluk, accompanied by costumed legrutů. The parade is accompanied by hundreds of costumed citizens of the city, surrounding municipalities, foreign and domestic ensembles.

The Ride of the Kings is also linked to the annual brass band festival (held every Saturday in the first week in July) and a folklore festival (held on Sundays). In Hluk also has many other bands and dulcimer music. Among the most famous include DH Šarovec and DH Kosenka. Furthermore, CM Babica, CM Ženičky, CM Šefranica.

In Hluk has a wide variety of ensembles, circles, and other areas of interest.These bands and dulcimer also include folklore groups operating either at Hluk Elementary School or working with the support of the city of Hluk. Namely, they are: Women's choir Ženičky, Male choir, Folk ensemble Okluky, Folk ensemble Dolňácko and then the children's folklore ensembles from the smallest to the DFS Košuláčci, DFS Žarůžek, DFS Hluboček. Children sets operate at Hluk Elementary School and serves as a school child to the adult ensemble Okluky. The ensemble was founded in 2014 and is one of the youngest Folklore group in Hluk.

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