Hereditary officers of the Roman Curia

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The Roman Court or Papal Curia was reformed by the Bull Pontificalis Domus of 1969. This abolished the role of the old Roman nobility at the Papal Court with the exception of the position of Prince Assistant to the Papal Throne. These titles (such as the Grand Master of the Sacred Apostolic Hospice, Marshal of the Holy Roman Church and the Sacred Conclave, etc.) are now purely honorary (though still hereditary).

This position had been shared jointly by the Princes Orsini and Colonna, but the former was deprived by Pius XII after obtaining a divorce and the title was conferred upon Prince Torlonia, Prince of Fucino, Canino and Musignano of the Torlonia Family.

The Prince Assistants are representatives of the Roman nobility, who serve at the feet of the Throne immediately next to the Cardinal Deacon who stands to the right of the Pope. They alternate office during their lifetimes and no-one can substitute for them.

Their principal function is to serve on the occasion of official visits by a Head of state.

The reforms of 1969 also changed the names and abolished the differing categories of Secret Chamberlains of the Cape and Sword to Gentlemen of His Holiness. Other offices were abolished altogether, but office holders were reassigned.

Ordo Militia Aurata or Ordine dello Speron d'Oro o Milizia Aurata.png Order of the Golden Spur
Order Pius Ribbon.png Order of Pope Pius IX
Order of St. Gregory the Great.png Order of St. Gregory the Great

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