Harry's Girls

Harry's Girls is an American sitcom which aired on NBC from September 13, 1963 to January 3, 1964. The series stars Larry Blyden portraying Henry Burns, the leader of a vaudeville troupe consisting of three young women. The co-stars were Dawn Nickerson as Lois, Susan Silo as Rusty, and Diahn Williams as Terry.

The series was loosely based on a Robert E. Sherwood play. The theme is culture shock, as the old-style dance numbers have lost favor in the United States but are still popular in Europe. The program was filmed in southern France. Harry serves as the lovestruck chaperone of the girls as well as the manager of their entertainment program. None of the episodes has big-name guest stars, and the program failed to complete a single season.

The series preceded The Jack Paar Program on NBC, having aired at 9:30 p.m. on Fridays opposite ABC's The Farmer's Daughter and CBS's The Twilight Zone science fiction anthology series. Harry's Girls was replaced at mid-season by the former BBC program, That Was the Week That Was, a political satire that aired from 1964-1965.

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