Haitian general election, 1990–91

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General elections were held in Haiti between 16 December 1990 and 20 January 1991. The presidential election, held on 16 December, resulted in a victory for Jean-Bertrand Aristide of the National Front for Change and Democracy (FCND), whilst the FCND also won the parliamentary elections in which voter turnout was 50.8%. It was widely reckoned as the first honest election held in Haiti since the country gained independence in 1804.

Aristide was sworn in on 7 February but was deposed in a coup eight months later.

For the elections, the United Nations General Assembly had established the United Nations Observer Group for the Verification of the Elections in Haiti (ONUVEH), which sent election monitors, as did the Organization of American States. These organisations helped ensure that the elections were free and fair.

The elected members were:

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