Gulf War

Gulf War Photobox.jpg
Flag of the Ba'ath Party
Coalition victory

 United States
 United Kingdom
 Saudi Arabia

292 killed (147 killed by enemy action, 145 non-hostile deaths)
467 wounded in action
776 wounded
31 tanks destroyed/disabled
28 Bradley IFVs destroyed/damaged

1 M113 APC destroyed
2 British Warrior APCs destroyed
1 Artillery Piece destroyed
75 Aircraft destroyed
4,200 killed
12,000 captured
≈200 tanks destroyed/captured
850+ other armored vehicles destroyed/captured 57 aircraft lost
At least 8 aircraft captured (Mirage F1s)

Kuwaiti civilian losses:
Over 1,000 killed
600 missing people
Iraqi civilian losses:
About 3,664 killed

Coalition intervention

Naval operations

Air campaign

Liberation of Kuwait

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