Greater Warangal Municipal Corporation

Greater Warangal Municipal Corporation
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The Greater Warangal Municipal Corporation (GWMC) was until 2015 known as Warangal Municipal Corporation. It is the urban planning agency that oversees the civic needs of Warangal. Its geographical area covers most of that administered by the Kakatiya Urban Development Authority.

Warangal Municipality being one of the oldest in the state was a major municipality in 1344 Fasli. In July 1959 it was upgraded as a special grade municipality, in July 1960 into a selection grade, and then on 18 August 1994 it was declared as municipal corporation. In January 2015, Government of Telangana accorded "Greater" status to the municipality and thus becoming Greater Warangal Municipal Corporation.

The citizens of Warangal can hope for better facilities as the Central government shortlisted it under the Smart Cities Mission. The programme enables the city to secure funds from the central government in strengthening and extension of existing services and its infrastructure.

Political party performance in 2016:

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