Giving In

"Giving In" is the first single to be released from the band Adema's self-titled debut album. The song appeared on Now 9, as well as on a commercial for AT&T Mobility it is one of the band's most popular and well known songs.

The music video for "Giving In" (directed by Paul Fedor) features the band playing on what appears to be an outdoor rooftop under a dark sky, moving as if on a conveyor belt, while lead singer Mark Chavez moves through different rooms. The rooms and scenarios that are shown while the band are playing include a hotel room with a couple, a little girl sitting on a rocking chair watching a violent movie, and a woman in a glass tank. As the video progresses, certain changes take place. People who are apparently either invisible or are meant to be there stand around the bed watching the couple have sex. A car crash takes place behind the little girl, and a man starts kissing the woman in the tank that has now been filled up with water.

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