List of former state routes in Georgia (U.S. state)

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This is a List of former state routes in the U.S. state of Georgia. This list represents routes that traveled through the state but are no longer in operation, have been decommissioned, or have been renumbered.

State Route 1E (SR 1E) was a route in Floyd County extending along present-day Old Cedartown Road, Park Avenue, Maple Avenue, East Sixth Street, and 2nd Avenue from US 27/SR 1 to US 27/SR 1, as well as US 411/SR 53. Originally part of US 27/SR 1, it was originally designated as SR 1 before being reassigned as SR 1E in 1955. US 27/SR 1 had been relocated along former SR 1 Spur, which is present-day US 27/SR 1 from Old Cedartown Road to present-day US 411 in 1938 with the old route remaining as SR 1 through Lindale. When US 27 was upgraded and relocated in 1968 to the Rome Connector, SR 1E was truncated to end at the present-day interchange of Maple Avenue. Essentially a business route for an unincorporated community south of Rome, the state no longer saw the value in retaining an old alignment and transferred control to Floyd County in 1985.

State Route 3W (SR 3W) was a state highway in the city of Albany. It traversed portions of Dougherty and Lee counties. At least as early as 1919, SR 3 traveled on essentially the same path as it currently does in the Albany metropolitan area. By the end of 1926, the segment of the highway from the Mitchell–Dougherty county line to Albany had a "completed hard surface". By the end of 1929, US 19 was designated on this stretch of SR 3.

By the end of 1946, SR 3W was projected to be designated from the western part of Albany to US 19/SR 3 north of the city. By the middle of 1950, the entire length of SR 3W was hard surfaced. By July 1957, SR 3 in the northern part of Albany was redesignated as SR 3 Conn. due to SR 3W being redesignated as part of SR 3.

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