Gavril Olteanu

Gavril Olteanu was a leader of a Romanian paramilitary militia group, part of the Maniu Guards during World War II, which became notorious for the killing and deportation of ethnic Hungarians in Transylvania.

On 26 September 1944, members of the paramilitary Maniu Guard led by Gavril Olteanu massacred a number of Hungarian civilians in Aita Seacă village, Sândominic, Huedin, Aghireş, and other localities around Transylvania.

At the request of Soviet representatives Deputy Foreign Minister Andrey Vyshinsky and Vladislav Petrovich Vinogradov on behalf of the Allied Control Commission, Romanian authorities disbanded the Maniu Guard, arrested Gavril Olteanu, and sentenced him to imprisonment. He died in the prison at Aiud in 1950.

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