Garrison Landing Historic District

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Garrison Landing Historic District is located in New York
The Garrison Landing Historic District, also known as Garrison's Landing, is a small commercial and residential area located between what is now the Metro-North Hudson Line and the Hudson River in Garrison, New York, United States. Its buildings were mostly erected in the 1850s, around the time the Hudson River Railroad, later the New York Central, laid the tracks. Much of the construction was spearheaded by the president of a local ferry company to provide rental housing for local workers. His descendants lived in the area until the late 20th century and led efforts to preserve it, founding and helping to run two organizations for that purpose.

Its architecture remained well-preserved enough that in the late 1960s the producers of the film version of Hello, Dolly filmed scenes here set in 1890 Yonkers, and made some improvements to the district that still exist. In 1982 the 5.3-acre (2.1 ha) historic district was listed on the National Register of Historic Places as part of the Hudson Highlands Multiple Resource Area. Until 2008 it was also home to Guinan's, an Irish pub well-known outside the area, and the subject of a book by journalist Gwendolyn Bounds.

The district's boundaries are the river on the west, the railroad tracks on the east, Dock Road on the north and the end of Depot Square, just north of the current train station, on the south. That area includes 17 buildings and structures, most of them contributing properties to the district's historic character, on Depot Square and Dock Road plus the open areas extending to the river behind them.

Most of the buildings are located on the west side of Depot Square, the main road into the district, which dead-ends at the southern boundary. The former train station, now a community theater, is the only building between Depot Square and the tracks. They are a mix of commercial and residential use. The few buildings on the very short Dock Road are residential. All buildings in the district use Garrison Landing as their address rather than the street name.

There is a marina with open, grassy common and gazebo at the southwestern corner of the district. Views of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point across the river are available from most of the district.

Most of the buildings are frame houses in the Andrew Jackson Downing-inspired Carpenter Gothic style. There are only three significant buildings in other materials, the Golden Eagle hotel in brick, the stone former train station and the former Guinan's Pub in stucco. An early house on the river, past the end of Dock Street, uses brick in part.

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