Fruit soup

Fruit soup is a soup prepared using fruit as a primary ingredient, and may be served warm or cold depending on the recipe. Some fruit soups use several varieties of fruit, and alcoholic beverages such as rum, sherry and kirsch (a fruit brandy) may be used. Fruit soup is sometimes served as a dessert.

Many recipes are for cold soups served when fruit is in season during warm weather. Some, like Norwegian fruktsuppe, may be served warm or cold, and rely on dried fruit, such as dried prunes, apricots and raisins, thus being able to be prepared in any season. Fruit soups may include milk or cream, sweet or savoury dumplings, spices, or alcoholic beverages, such as sweet wine, white wine, brandy or champagne.

Avocado soup is a fruit soup that can be prepared and served as a cold or hot dish.

Blåbärssoppa is a Swedish dish, that usually contains several kinds of berries (for example blueberries, bilberries, raspberries, strawberries and/or lingonberries), sugar, water and the optional cider or, less commonly nowadays, champagne. The berries, sugar and water are boiled together to make a soup, which is then allowed to cool. When it's cold, cider or champagne are added, which makes the soup fresher and slightly carbonated.

Coconut soup is a fruit soup that can be prepared using coconut milk and coconut fruit.

Sour cherry soup is a slightly sweet soup made with sour cream, sugar and whole fresh sour cherries, and served chilled. Originating in Hungarian cuisine, this soup is a summer delicacy in several European cuisines. It may be prepared using wine or port wine.

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