Friockheim is located in Angus
Friockheim /ˈfrkəm/ is a village in Angus, Scotland dating from 1814. It lies between the towns of Arbroath, Brechin, Forfar and Montrose.

The name 'Friockheim', literally translated, means 'Heather Home', with Friock being a derivative from the Gaelic 'fraoch' (heather) and 'heim' from the German for home. The word 'Friockheim' as a whole, is pronounced 'Free-come'.

The birth of the village took place soon after 1814 when Thomas Gardyne of Middleton succeeded his brother as the laird of the lands of Friock and feued them to Mr John Andson, of Arbroath, who built a flax spinning mill and as proprietor-in-feu attracted many textile workers to come and settle on easy terms in what was at first known as Friock feus.

Mr Andson's son, John Andson added in the 'heim' part of the name. This was at the request of the numerous Flemish weavers who had gone there to develop the flax spinning process. He had to obtain the sanction of Thomas Gardyne as superior and together they agreed on the following advertisement, which is thought of as Friockheim’s foundation charter.

Printed in Arbroath and dated May 22, 1824 this read:

John Andson died in office in 1814 and his mill was burnt to the ground in 1862.

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