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Fly Away (stylized as FLY AWAY) is the third single by Japanese hip-hop group Lead. It peaked in the top ten on the Oricon charts at #10 and remained on the charts for seven weeks, charting longer than their previous singles.

Fly Away is the third domestic single by Japanese hip-hop dance group Lead. It charted in the top ten on the Oricon Singles Charts, taking the number 10 slot for the week and remaining on the charts for seven consecutive weeks.[1] It became their longest charting single, only being met by their later single Get Wild Life.

Fly Away was released as a standard CD, not carrying a CD+DVD counterpart. The CD contained the title track, the b-side "Shining Day" (stylized as SHINING DAY) and the corresponding instrumentals for both songs. The single came with one of five possible Lead trading cards, a specialized URL to download a wallpaper and a discount coupon for the 2003 film Boutaoshi!, of which all four members of Lead starred in.[2] While the music video was released for syndication to the public upon the single's release, it was not available for the public to purchase until their DVD/VHS release Lead Movies 1 in September of the same year.[3]

Both "Fly Away" and "Shining Day" were written and composed by musical composer Yasushi Sasamoto. Yasushi had worked with Lead on their previous singles. The strings arrangement for the a-side was performed by Gen Ittetsu, who is best known for his works with famous Japanese soloist Gackt.[4] The rap portion of the song was written by KATSU.[5]

This would be their last single released before their debut studio album Life On Da Beat on April 23, 2003.[6]

To help promote the single, "Fly Away" was used as the theme song to the movie Boutaoshi!, which the members of Lead also starred in. It was also used as the opening theme for the TBS Television series Count Down TV throughout the month of February.[7]

"Fly Away" was utilized as the theme song to the movie Boutaoshi!. The members of Lead were featured in the film, playing different characters.

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