Flash and circle

The flash and circle is the second symbol used by the British Union of Fascists (BUF) and its best known symbol. (The BUF had briefly used the fasces of Mussolini's fascists.) It was chosen to represent "action within unity". Oswald Mosley's post-war group the Union Movement and his National Party of Europe initiative also used this symbol.

The American National Renaissance Party adopted the lightning bolt within a circle as their symbol, which superseded Madole's use of the swastika. It decorated their rostrum and was worn on their armbands.

The BUF's left-wing opponents nicknamed the symbol "the flash in the pan".

The simple combination of the lightning bolt and circle elements appears to have led to many similar designs unrelated to the BUF's flash and circle. These include the logo of BoltBus. One form of warning sign for high-voltage electricity uses a lightning bolt inside a circle, and this was repurposed by Marilyn Manson as an insignia for his album Antichrist Superstar. In most cases, there is no evidence to suggest that the designer intended to evoke an association with the fascist flash and circle.

When similar designs have appeared in a political context, there have been more credible assertions of a link to its fascist origins, especially when used by nationalist and far-right groups. The insignia of Singapore's People's Action Party (PAP) is composed of a red flash struck through a smaller blue circle on a white background. The PAP insignia is claimed to represent "action within social/racial unity" with the white background representing purity in thought and deed.

A similar logo was adopted by Blocco Studentesco, the youth wing of Italy's CasaPound movement in 2006. The group has been accused of fascist propaganda.

Parodies and fictional representations of fascist movements have also incorporated logos similar to the flash and circle.

In the alternate history film It Happened Here, the flash and circle is used as the symbol of the fascist puppet government in Nazi-occupied Britain.

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