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Fit for a King, also known as FFAK, is an American Christian metalcore band from Dallas, Texas. They released two independent EPs in 2008 entitled Fit for a King and 2009's Awaken the Vesper and they released one independent album, Descendants, in 2011. Then, the band released four studio albums with their label Solid State Records entitled Creation/Destruction a re-recorded Descendants (2013), Slave to Nothing (2014) and Deathgrip (2016).

Fit for a King was started in Tyler, Texas in 2007 by Jared Easterling, Aaron Decur, Justin Juno, Jared McFerron, Alex Danforth and Jed McNeill. The band had performed locally and regionally and released 2 EPs in their beginning years. In 2009, the band decided to begin touring full-time, and McNeill and McFerron left the band to pursue their education. Ryan Kirby from the band Bodies Awake (based in Fort Worth) joined Fit for a King in 2010 to replace Mason Wilson, who had recently replaced Danforth as the frontman. Kirby's Bodies Awake bandmate Bobby Lynge joined the band to play guitar. The band tracked their first independent full-length, Descendants, in 2011. With the release of their music video "Ancient Waters", the band started to gain a following. Bassist Decur left the band in 2011 to pursue a career in law enforcement and was replaced by Aaron Kadura who performed clean vocals alongside Easterling as well.

In July 2012, Fit for a King had signed to Solid State Records. FFAK released their first studio album Creation/Destruction on March 12, 2013. The album sold more that 3,100 copies in its first week of sales. Billboard charted Creation/Destruction at No. 175, No. 17 on the Christian Albums chart, and No. 6 on the Hard Rock Albums,

Their second album was a redux of the independent Descendants, which came out on November 25, 2013. Billboard charted Descendants at No. 38 on the Christian Albums chart, and at No. 8 on the Heatseekers Albums chart.

Fit for a King's third album, Slave to Nothing, was released October 14, 2014 along with three singles including "Slave to Nothing" featuring Mattie Montgomery of For Today. The band released their fourth and newest studio album Deathgrip on October 7th of 2016.

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