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Fero (Gujarati: ફેરો) (English: The Trip) is a Gujarati novel by Radheshyam Sharma. It is notable for its experimental nature in Gujarati literature. It is considered as milestone as a modern Gujarati novel. It is followed by Sharma's other experimental novel Swapnatirtha (1979). It was published by Rekha Prakashan, Ahmedabad in 1968. The name of this novel is mentioned in the title of Suman Shah's critical work Chandrakant Bakshi Thi Fero (1973).

The novel narrated in first person. The narrative begins with the journey and ends before its end.

A couple undertakes a long journey to go to the sun temple to fulfill A vow. Their only son does not have the gift of speech and the God who gave them the gift of the son is again to be placated to grant the boon. The mother is hopeful and so they set out. The child is lost as the train pulls out from the station. The father raised his hand to pull the chain to stop the train but could not decide to do it. Whole novel is contains the man’s (father) observations and his reactions.

The novel depicts the inner world of consciousness.

Chandrakant Sheth considered the prose of the novel aristocratic in nature.

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