Faudel-Phillips baronets

The Faudel-Phillips Baronetcy, of Grosvenor Gardens in the Parish of St George Hanover Square in the County of London and of Queen's Gardens, West Brighton, in the County of Sussex, was a title in the Baronetage of the United Kingdom. It was created on 27 August 1897 for George Faudel-Phillips, Sheriff of London and Middlesex in 1884/5, High Sheriff of the County of London in 1895/6 and Lord Mayor of London in 1896/7 . Born George Phillips, he had assumed the additional surname of Faudel, which was that of his maternal uncle. His father Sir Benjamin Samuel Phillips had been Lord Mayor of London between 1865 and 1866. The title became extinct on the death of the third Baronet in 1941. The Faudel-Phillips family, up until at least Lionel Lawson, 3rd Baronet, was Jewish.

All three holders of the title served as High Sheriff of Hertfordshire.

Sir Lionel Lawson Faudel Faudel-Phillips, 3rd Baronet was the great-great-grandfather of model and actress Cara Delevingne (Sir Lionel's daughter with Armyne Evelyn Gordon, Ann Margaret Faudel-Phillips, was the mother of Cara's maternal grandmother).

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