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Father Michael Goetz Secondary School (sometimes referred to as Goetz or abbreviated as FMG; Goetz pronounced as "Gates") is a Catholic school located in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. Founded by Ed King, it was established in 1987 (in its original location on Hollymount Drive) and in 1990 moved to the south of the city centre. The school was named after King's friend, Father Michael Goetz.

The school has one of the highest populations of English-as-a-second-language students in the school district.

Students go through four years of schooling and the school offers a range of subjects at different levels of difficulty.

The curriculum includes 13 areas of study for the 2007-08 school year in the arts, business, languages, science and technology. The school offers 'technological education' in subjects including photography and animation, construction and transportation technology, personal services and hospitality, computer and information science, computer engineering and technological design.

Before the start of school each day, morning prayer is conducted in the school chapel. Masses are held on special days at the Christ the King Church and in the school cafeteria or gym. The special days are the opening of the school year, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Ash Wednesday, Easter and the closing of the school year. Opportunities are also given to the students for public prayer, reconciliation, retreats and alms giving.

In January 2007 a row broke out when the award-winning novel Snow Falling on Cedars by David Guterson was pulled from library shelves and classrooms, despite being used in the Grade 11 curriculum, after one parent objected that it contained sexually explicit text. The context in question contains a few explicit passages, including a married couple's first sexual encounter, as well as sexual relations between two youths. According to the Mississauga News, "a representative of Random House in Canada said the company hadn't heard any complaints about the book this side of the border. In the U.S., though, it has been the subject of controversy and bans, not just for the sexual content but also for its violence and exploration of racial issues." The book was restored in February following a review by a committee of trustees and curriculum experts. Many critics of the board's move argued that the content pales compared to media images to which high school students are exposed to on a daily basis.

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