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Far was a band from Sacramento, California.

After a number of local releases including their first demo tape Sweat A River, Live No Lies (1991) and two independent albums Listening Game (1992) and Quick (1994) the band signed to Epic/Immortal Records and released their first major record, Tin Cans With Strings To You (1996). Their manager Troy Davis considers Tin Cans With Strings to be the first-ever screamo album. Far's next release was an EP titled Soon (1997), which was quickly followed up by their fourth and most popular album, Water & Solutions (1998). This record attracted a strong cult following in the late 1990s, due mostly to the single "Mother Mary" and the band touring with longtime friends the Deftones, and Incubus. The more melodic sound showcased on this album is increasingly cited as an influence on present-day alternative rock bands by the rock press, i.e.: Thursday, Biffy Clyro, Jimmy Eat World.

Since their 1999 split, the former members of Far have been involved in a number of projects, often quite experimental in nature. Frontman Jonah Matranga continued with his solo project Onelinedrawing and formed the now defunct band New End Original (an anagram of Onelinedrawing). Matranga "broke up" Onelinedrawing in August 2004. In 2005 the singer's new band Gratitude released their debut self-titled record on Atlantic Records. Gratitude, however, called it a day towards the end of 2005, playing their last US tour before splitting in December 2005. He now plays music under his own name, with new work as well as music from his previous outings.

Guitarist and founder Shaun Lopez went on to form The Revolution Smile. The band has released two records and toured around the US and Europe. He also has his own studio where he has produced such bands as Trigger Point, Giant Drag, The X-Ecutioners, the Deftones fifth record (Saturday Night Wrist) released by Maverick Records and most recently Will Haven´s fourth record The Hierophant.

Bassist John Gutenberger is currently playing in a band with his wife, Caitlin called Two Sheds.

Drummer Chris Robyn has since played several shows with Will Haven in 2000 when their drummer Wayne Morse left. He currently plays in the post-hardcore supergroup Black Map.

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