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"Fall for Your Type" is a downtempo ballad recorded by American entertainer Jamie Foxx for his fourth studio album Best Night of My Life (2010). It features guest vocals from Canadian rapper Drake, who originally recorded the song for his debut studio album Thank Me Later (2010). The song was written by Noah "40" Shebib, Aubrey "Drake" Graham and Noel Campbell. "Fall for Your Type" was produced by Shebib, with vocal production by Rico Love. "Fall for Your Type" was released as the third single from Best Night of My Life on November 12, 2010.

Drake recorded "Fall for Your Type" for his debut studio album Thank Me Later (2010). He told MTV News in August 2010 that he wished that the song was included on the album, but revealed that: "I have other plans for that record, so it's gonna be good".

"Fall for Your Type" is a downtempo ballad, with a length of four minutes and thirty-one seconds (4:31). August Brown cited the song as being a "lovers' rock for a techno dystopia". The song contains an "icy cold", hip hop landscape. "Fall for Your Type" is a "somber track", in which Foxx "drops into a pained purr and gives guest Drake a run for his melancholy-player money."

In a review of the album, Jonah Weiner of Rolling Stone notes "Fall for Your Type" as being the album's "one break from the good times". He cited it as being refreshing to hear him "finally switch up his script".

Foxx and Drake performed the song on December 13, 2010 on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Foxx performed the song on Good Morning America on December 20.

The music video for "Fall for Your Type" was directed by Chris Robinson. It begins with Foxx and Drake's names appearing on screen with a cloudy dark sky backdrop, and as the music starts the names disappear and the words "fall for your type" shatter as Foxx is falling from a building in a suit. Foxx, in the next scene, is in his penthouse, wearing shades, thinking about his love interest and the moments they had together. Especially one where he is with her, watching her sleep. Shots of him falling from a building appear throughout the video. In another scene his love interest is seen, supposedly angry and they are yelling at each other, and she eventually pushes him, and he falls back because he would have slipped on her purse.

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