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Expert-as-a-Service (ExaaS) is an online delivery model of human consulting and/or automated knowledge transfer. Similarly to SaaS (Software as a service) the concept of ExaaS comes from the remote nature of processing data and/or providing service. The user of ExaaS accesses the service through a webpage, VoiP, IM, etc. or any related mobile app. Typical ExaaS providers are consultants, lawyers, physicians, teachers etc. Biztech Magazine claims that "...Everything as a service...Clouding Will Disrupt the World..." and according to Business2Customers magazine there are "...3 Reasons Why Experts-as-a-Service is the Future of Consulting..."

ExaaS is the general term for newer consulting or expertise based online services like CaaS (Consulting-as-a-Service) or JaaS (Justice-as-a-Service)

CaaS companies or individuals deliver online consulting services (The Consulting-as-a-Service model (CONaaS) by Luke Marson, sales diagnostics by Miklos Kadar, Introducing Executive As A Service by GconnTec )

According to BusinessInsider JaaS companies "...Find You Money You Didn't Know You Were Owed..." by providing legal or consumer rights services. And according to Henrik Zillmer "...There’s a new wave of customer empowerment coming..." He lists honourable mentions of JaaS services like Paribus, Airhelp, Fixed, BillFixers, 71lbs )

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