European Academy of Music Theatre

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Dominique Meyer (President)
Kasper Holten (Vicepresident)
Dr. Isolde Schmid-Reiter (Secretary General)
Thomas Adès
Aviel Cahn
Joseph Calleja
Dr. John Deathridge
Alessandro Di Profio
Dr. Sieghart Döhring
Dr. Michael Hampe
Dr. Mario Vieira de Carvalho

The European Academy of Music Theatre (German: Europäische Musiktheater-Akademie, abbreviated EMA) is a Vienna based, non-profit institute which seeks to promote not only a pan-European but also international network for those active in the theory and praxis of Music Theatre. The organisation frequently holds symposia at various European cities and publishes their proceedings. The Academy cultivates and optimises the collaboration of professional activities throughout Europe and beyond.

On 26 May 1992 the European Academy of Music Theatre was founded in Prague's Ständetheater by the Research Institute for Music Theatre Thurnau (Germany), Vanemuine Theatre, Tartu (Estonia), Academy of Sciences, Prague (Czech Republic) and the Department for Theatre, Film and Media Studies, University of Vienna (Austria).

During its period of gestation the Academy's main task was to provide support and knowledge to partners from Eastern Europe. After the completion of numerous projects and collaborations, the EMA increasingly positioned itself as a dialogue board for those professionally active in Music Theatre. This is achieved by establishing contacts between scientific researchers and those involved in music theatre affiliated domains. At its regular symposia EMA provides its members and associates a high-profile forum for exchanging experience and knowledge as well as for presenting latest developments in research, documentation and music theatre.

Since 1992 the European Academy of Music Theatre held fourteen symposia in different European countries, e.g. Russia, Portugal, France and Switzerland. Some of the analysed subjects have been organising and managing opera houses, historiography, as well as aspects of contemporary staging concepts.

At the 2011 general meeting Dominique Meyer and Kasper Holten have been appointed President and Vice President, respectively, and British musicologist John Deathridge has been elected new Member of the Board.

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