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In Essex County, Ontario, odd-numbered county roads are north-south, the numbers increasing from west to east. Even-numbered roads are generally east-west roads, the numbers increasing from north to south, but there are exceptions to the rules. County roads are also no longer signed within the city limits of Windsor. There are several roads named "Malden Road", which are not related or connected directly to each other.

The Essex By-Pass (current Highway 3) was built in stages, from 1977 to 1981. The first stage was to just south of Essex, where it was routed along Malden Road to its former alignment (now CR 34). It was extended to Ruthven in 1981, and then routed around Leamington in 1997.

In 2002, the City of Windsor and the Town of Tecumseh swapped land with Windsor. Windsor gained land west of Banwell, which contained the Windsor International Airport and ironically the Tecumseh Mall. While Tecumseh received in exchange land directly south centred around the town of Oldcastle. Portions of several county roads within the land given to Windsor lost their status as county roads and only exist in name. None of these roads have been renamed as of 2016.

Windsor Suburban Roads were a special designation given to certain county roads in Essex County that were close to the City of Windsor. The following roads had part or all of their routes listed as "Windsor Suburban Roads":

The roads were managed by the "Windsor Suburban Roads Commission" until 1998, when Windsor became a separated municipality. The Suburban Roads reverted to Essex County.

The only difference between these roads and standard county roads were the signs, which replaced "Essex County" with "Windsor Suburban".

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