Endtime Productions

Endtime Productions is an independent record label based in Gothenburg, Sweden. The label focuses on extreme metal music and helped notable groups such as Norway's Extol to gain fame and get a record deal with Century Media Records. Notable groups on the label's roster include Antestor, Drottnar and Crimson Moonlight. The label is known for their detailed graphic designs, packagings and elaborate cover arts.

The label was founded in 1998. The first band on the label's roster was Norway's Extol, and Extol's Burial was the label's first release in 1998. Unusual for a metal label many noted guest industrial musicians such as Sanctum's Jan Carleklev and Raison d'être's Peter Anderssen was invited to do industrial remixes for Extol's work on the following release Mesmerized. The signing to US based Solid State Records helped Extol to become more popular and was signed to Century Media in 2003.

Endtime Productions signed groups such as Antestor, Lengsel and Anaemia, and released Antestor's Martyrium (recorded already 1994) for the first time to wider audience in 2000 as well as Anaemia's The Second Incarnation and Lengsel's acclaimed album Solace. Notable albums released during following years included the release of Vardoger's Whitefrozen EP, Antestor's EP Det Tapte Liv in 2004 and full-length The Forsaken in 2005.

In 2006, Endtime signed Drottnar and Crimson Moonlight and released the Drottnar's album Welterwerk and in 2007 released Crimson Moonlight's EP In Depths of Dreams Unconscious.

The German band Opus Irae was signed in 2016.

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