Elton Deda

Elton Deda (born 5 April 1973 in Tirana) is an Albanian singer.

During his career, Deda competed in many song festivals. Elton's first appearance on TV was in the early 1980s, where he sang "Koha në pentagramin tim" (The time in my pentagram). This was dedicated to his father Ferdinand Deda who, at the time, was a very popular conductor.

While he was young, he formed "Tingulli i Zjarrtë", and received the "Best Group Award". After joining the band, Deda became a popular artist in the 1990s. Together with his band, they participated in Festivali i Këngës several times.

In 1993, Deda left "Tingulli i Zjarrtë" and formed the group Aneroid, where he started experimenting with new styles. His first album with the band was The World is Yours, which was presented during a live "unplugged" concert unique in Albanian recording history at the time. He left the group in 1995.

Deda was asked to be a part of Thunderway, but the relation was short-lived as he left the group within a year.

Starting on a solo career, he released the tracks "Qyteti i Vjetër" (The Old Town), "Unë s'mund të ndryshoj" (I can't change), and many more. He organised Aurela Gaçe's first concert in 1996. He has also been involved as a producer for many shows, including Festivali i Këngës.

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