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Elly Joenara (Perfected Spelling: Elly Yunara; 3 November 1923 – 30 May 1992) was an Indonesian film actress who later became a producer. She was the wife of producer Djamaluddin Malik.

Joenara was born in Straits Settlements (modern-day Singapore) on 3 November 1923. She completed an elementary education at a Hollandsch-Inlandsche School, a Dutch-run school for pribumi students, the Dutch East Indies.[1]

Joenara made her film debut in Pah Wongso Pendekar Boediman, a 1940 detective film produced and directed by Jo Eng Sek of Star Film. In the film she played Siti, the romantic partner of a character portrayed by Mohamad Arief.[2] She remained with the company for its further productions, including Tjioeng Wanara (from a Sundanese legend), Lintah Darat, and Ajah Berdosa.[1] By 1942 she is recorded as acting in one film produced by Tan's Film under Tan Khoen Yauw, Aladin dengan Lampu Wasiat (Aladdin and the Magic Lamp).[3]

The Japanese occupied the Indies in March 1942, closing all but one film studio in the colony. Production of Aladin dengan Lampu Wasiat stopped; the film would only be released in 1950, after the occupation and national revolution.[4] During the occupation Yunara acted in theatre, going from troupe to troupe; she was part of the troupes Warnasari, Matahari, and Jawa Ehai.[1] By 1949, when the Dutch recognised an independent Indonesia, Yunara had married stage manager turned film producer Djamaluddin Malik.[5]

In 1950 Djamaluddin established a film company, Persari.[5] Yunara completed two films for the company as an actress: Si Mientje in 1952 and Siapa Ajahku in 1954. However, her main role was managerial.[6] Much of her time was spent as a housewife.[7]

Djamaluddin died on 8 June 1970, leaving Yunara a widow.[8] She soon established her own company, Remaja Ellyanda Film, and in 1972 began a career as a film producer with Malin Kundang.[1] Directed by D. Djajakusuma and based on a Malay folk tale, the film starred Rano Karno and Putu Wijaya as the titular Malin Kundang, a young man who forgets his roots after spending much of his childhood at sea.[9] This was followed by Jembatan Merah (1973), Petualang Cilik (1977), and Halimun (1979); the company also produced two non-feature films.[6] In 1974 she received an award from Governor of Jakarta Ali Sadikin for her contributions to film.[1]

Yunara died in Jakarta on 30 May 1992.[6]

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