Ecuador women's national football team

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The Ecuadorian women's national football team represents Ecuador in international women's football.[1]

It made its debut in the 1995 Sudamericano. In the next edition three years later it reached the semifinals, its best result to date, losing the bronze play-off against Peru. In the 2006 edition it ranked fifth, qualifying for the first time for the Pan American Games. It subsequently hosted the 2010 Sudamericano, narrowly missing the semifinals after tying at 9 points with Argentina and Chile.

Although football is not popular for women, Ecuador marked their first-ever participation in a Women's World Cup respectively, in Canada 2015, and also for the first time both men's and women's team participated in World Cup.

The women's national football team of Ecuador began in 1995, when the FEF scrapped together a team with players from provincial selectives and some existing clubs to compete in the South American Women's Football Championship. In 2005 a provincial selective was held, and teams were told that the winner would represent the national team. A team from Quito won, but Conmebol disqualified it as it was not a national selective. At this time no women's tournament existed neither professional nor amateur. As the base of relative success, club competition is the source to compete against national counterparts, and so as early as 2013 began the Campeonato Ecuatoriano de Futbol Femenino.[2] With the Ministry of Sports impulsing such initiatives, the championship is mandating of at least 2 under 18 players, thinking of the Women's Sudamericano Sub 17.

Squad for the 2015 FIFA Women's World Cup.[3]

Head coach: Vanessa Arauz

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