The Eburovices, or Eburovici, were a Gallic tribe, a branch of the Aulerci. They are mentioned by Julius Caesar (B. G. iii. 17) with the Lexovii. Pliny (H.N. xv. 18) speaks of the Aulerci, qui cognominantur Eburovices, et qui Cenomani. Ptolemy (ii. 8) makes the Αὐλέρκοι Ἐβουραϊκοί extend from the Ligeris (modern Loire) to the Sequana (modern Seine), which is not true. Their chief place was Mediolanum Aulercorum (modern Évreux, in Normandy). Their limits correspond to those of the later diocese of Évreux, and they are north of the Carnutes.

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