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EN is located in the United Kingdom
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The EN postcode area, also known as the Enfield postcode area, is a group of eleven postcode districts in England which are subdivisions of seven post towns. These postcode districts cover parts of northern Greater London, southern Hertfordshire and western Essex.

Mail for this area is sorted at the Home Counties North Mail Centre in Hemel Hempstead, and is delivered from offices in Enfield (Southbury Road EN1), Barnet (Longmore Avenue EN5), Potters Bar (Darkes Lane EN6), Waltham Cross (Eleanor Cross Road EN8) and Hoddesdon (Conduit Lane EN11). The area served includes the northern parts of the London Boroughs of Enfield and Barnet, the eastern part of the Hertsmere district of Hertfordshire, the southern part of the Welwyn Hatfield district and virtually all of the borough of Broxbourne, while EN9 and small parts of EN10 and EN11 cover the western part of the Epping Forest district of Essex.

The approximate coverage of the postcode districts:

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