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The Diocese of Rome (Latin: Dioecesis Urbis seu Romana, Italian: Diocesi di Roma) is a diocese of the Catholic Church in Rome. The Bishop of Rome is the Pope, the Supreme Pontiff and head of the Catholic Church. As the Holy See, the papacy is a sovereign entity with diplomatic relations, and civil jurisdiction over the Vatican City State located geographically within Rome. The Diocese of Rome is the metropolitan diocese of the Province of Rome, an ecclesiastical province in Italy. The Catholic Church teaches that the first Bishop of Rome was Saint Peter in the first century. The incumbent since 13 March 2013 is Pope Francis.

Historically, many Rome-born men, as well as others born elsewhere on the Italian Peninsula have served as Bishops of Rome. Since 1900, however, there has been only one Rome-born Bishop of Rome, Pius XII (1939–1958). In addition, non-Italians have served as Bishops of Rome since John Paul II was elected Pope in 1978. In earlier centuries, in any case, many non-Romans and non-Italians have been Pope.

Due to its significance as central point of reference within the Catholic Church, it is sometimes referred to as The Holy Roman Church, as is the case for instance with Cardinals of the Holy Roman Church, and other such diocese-related titles and terms. This naming tradition is part of a wider context of nomenclature, of which notably also external habits have been derived, such as the adjective Roman Catholic, occurring since the Protestant Reformation.

The bishop of the Diocese of Rome has, in the first place, the title of Bishop of Rome, the basis for all his other titles. Those officially listed for him in the Annuario Pontificio are:

The best-known title, that of "Pope", does not appear in the official list, but is commonly used in the titles of documents, and appears, in abbreviated form, in the signatures of the Popes.

The best evidence available for the origins of the Church in Rome is Saint Paul's Epistle to the Romans. This indicates that the church was established probably by the early 40s CE. Saint Peter became associated with this church sometime between the year 58 and the early 60s.

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