Dingoes ate my baby

"A dingo ate my baby" is a phrase attributed to Lindy Chamberlain-Creighton and also to Meryl Streep's depiction of Chamberlain in the movie A Cry in the Dark (1988) – also known as Evil Angels – about the death of Azaria Chamberlain, an Australian baby girl who died in 1980 at Uluru in the Northern Territory. The Chamberlain family had been holidaying at Uluru when their daughter was taken from their tent by a dingo. The authorities disbelieved the family's story about a dingo, and prosecuted and won convictions against Lindy Chamberlain for murder and against her then-husband Michael Chamberlain as an accessory after the fact. Ultimately, the courts found both parents innocent after being sent to court 3 different times, and the coroner found Azaria's death was "the result of being attacked and taken by a dingo".

The phrase "A dingo ate my baby" was not actually used by Chamberlain, nor is it used in the film. Chamberlain is reported to have called out to her husband, "a dingo took my baby", or either "That dog's got my baby" or "My God, My God, a dingo has got my baby." In the film, Streep's character, upon discovering her daughter missing, cries out, "The dingo took my baby!"

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