Diablo Dam

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Diablo Dam is one of three dams along the upper Skagit River in Whatcom County, Washington and part of the Skagit River Hydroelectric Project that supplies Seattle with a large proportion of its power needs. The dam was built in Diablo Canyon, a gorge of solid granite with vertical walls rising 160 feet from the river bed, yet were less than 100 feet apart. Construction began in 1927, and was completed in 1930. The dam began generating electricity in 1936.

The result was a power-generating dam that holds a reservoir known as Diablo Lake. At the time it was completed, Diablo Dam, at 389 feet, was the tallest dam in the world. Water from the dam operates two main generators, each with a capacity of 64.5 MW.

The dam was one of the places to help inspire a location in the video game Alan Wake.

Coordinates: 48°42′51″N 121°07′52″W / 48.7143°N 121.1312°W / 48.7143; -121.1312

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