Dargeçit is located in Turkey
Dargeçit (Syriac: ܟܪܒܘܪܢ‎ Kerburan, Kurdish: Kerboran) is a district of the Mardin Province of Turkey, traditionally populated by ethnic-Kurds. In 1900, the town had approximately 300 families. Prior to the Assyrian and Armenian Genocides this city was inhabited by Kurds, Assyrians/Syriacs and Armenians. Before 1979, it was still inhabited by Kurds and Assyrians, but most of the Assyrian/Syriac people fled/left the city after the murder of Andreas Demir Lahdik, the Mayor of Kerburan at the time.[citation needed] The government then changed the name of the city to Dargeçit by force. After the exodus, the town was nearly completely populated by a Kurdish majority, with a tiny Assyrian remnant.

There is the Syriac Orthodox Church of Mor Kuriyakos, which is now restored thanks to the Assyrian/Syriac diaspora. There are also two other churches, one Protestant and the other Catholic. They are both abandoned.[citation needed]

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