Dancemania 4

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Dancemania 4 is the fourth set in the Dancemania series of dance music compilation albums, released in early 1997 by EMI Music Japan.

With its 23 tracks and one bonus track, the album debuted at #6 on Oricon's weekly album chart in January 1997 and reached #3 the next week, appearing on the yearly best-selling album chart at #92 in 1997 with 241,570 copies sold, along with its successor, 5, which ranked #98.

Several tracks on the album, including different remixes, can also be found on other Dancemania albums such as 1, Delux, Extra, Diamond, Diamond Complete Edition, Best Yellow, Best Red, Zip Mania, Zip Mania DX, Zip Mania Best, Bass #1, Speed 3 or Winters.

The album's overall average tempo is 140 bpm;

Several tracks are cover versions or remix versions.

The non-stop mixing was done by DJ Smurf a.k.a. Paul Rincon and his partner, Dip "T" Jones, who has co-produced many remixes with Smurf.

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