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Daedalus Howell (born July 19, 1972 in Sonoma County, California), is an American writer, journalist, filmmaker, actor and conceptual artist who lives and works in Petaluma, California. He wrote the novel Quantum Deadline and the essay collection I Heart Sonoma: How to Live and Drink in Wine Country. He hosts the podcast Daedalus Howell: Night School of the Mind and The Morning Show on KSVY 91.3 FM, Sonoma. He is writer-director of the feature film Pill Head.

Howell is author of the novel Quantum Deadline, part one of the Lumaville Labyrinth series.

He also wrote the novel The Late Projectionist and is the writer-director of dozens of short films. As a journalist, he has written for the San Francisco Chronicle, the North Bay Bohemian, the Petaluma Argus-Courier, Los Angeles Downtown News, FineLife Sonoma Magazine (for which he was editor), Sonoma Valley Sun, the Rivertown Report. As a broadcast personality, Howell has hosted shows on KWMR (West Marin Coastal Radio) and KSVY (Sonoma, CA) and guest hosts The Drive on KSRO in Sonoma County. He wrote a weekly column for the Sonoma Index-Tribune. He has also penned a media column for the North Bay Bohemian and was credited as the "wine country editor" of Tasting Panel Magazine.

With collaborator Jerry Rapp, Howell wrote and directed the R&H Educational Film Series, a four-part parody of American "social guidance films" of the 1950s. The series has played on Showtime and Canal+. A portion of the series was showcased on IFC. Howell has also directed music videos for RCA-signed Longwave and New York City-based Falcon. Howell also co-produced the feature film The Aviary and ran publicity for Deep Dark Canyon for filmmakers Silver Tree and Abe Levy.

He is the star of "Replica Redux," the re-released version of cult film "Replica," which was directed by Raymond Scott Daigle and released on YouTube in 2012. A night-in-the-life of several copy store employees, Howell plays a beleaguered nightshift manager whose life collapses in the course of several hours. The entire film was shot after hours in a Fed-Ex Kinkos without corporate knowledge.

Howell wears a sartorial "uniform" of a dark blazer, jeans and Beatle boots, which he referred to as his "action figure outfit" in Shea Magazine.

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