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In 2018, Lithuania remains to be one of the most corrupt EU countries. Anti-corruption laws are often missing or not being enforced. In surveys of Lithuanian business people, corruption is highlighted as the main issue prohibiting economic development and international competitiveness. A 2016 investigation by Lithuanian government revealed that only 23% of Lithuanians would report corruption, and those who would not often believe that the corrupt individuals would not be punished. Same investigation from 2016 found that 73% of citizens experience same or increased corruption levels compared to 5 years ago. Transparency International's 2017 Corruption Perception Index ranks the country 38th out of 180 countries,

An anti-corruption program was introduced by the government in 2011–2014.

Society's trust in the political and legal system is low overall, a survey in 2015 showed that 25% of citizens trusted the Lithuanian legal system and 10% trusted the national parliament, Seimas. An international Gallup study found that 90% of Lithuanians believe that corruption is widespread in Lithuania's government. Despite solid judicial base, Lithuania’s law enforcement is very weak according to independent assessors.

A study by 15 min revealed that many lobbying organisations are using governmental real estate in prime locations at no cost. There is very little insight in the sector, as there are no reporting or control regulations. Lobbying is widely spread and particularly common in sectors related to energy, pharmaceuticals, construction, public healthcare and alcohol. Illegal conduct such as bribery is common. Lithuanian parliament has been unwilling to regulate lobbying.

Nepotism is a very visible problem in the Lithuanian society. It exists in all levels of society and especially in the public sector. Lithuanian language even has an expression about nepotism "Lithuania is a country of relatives" (Lithuanian: Lietuva yra giminių kraštas).

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