Corey Carrier

Corey Thomas Carrier (born August 20, 1980) is an American former child actor, also known as just "Core." He is best known as playing Indiana Jones, aged 8–10, in The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles.

Carrier was born in Middleborough, Massachusetts to Thomas and Carleen. He has a younger sister named Bethany. He attended an acting school at The Priscilla Beach Children's Theatre Workshop. His hobbies include baseball, gymnastics, wrestling, fencing, guitar, ice skating and basketball.

He attended Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts as an undergraduate.

At the current moment, Carrier is engaged to be married in November 2017 with his girlfriend Laural Spaulding.

Carrier has also made a guest appearance in The Equalizer (episode: "Christmas Presence") on December 16, 1987.

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