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The Compagnie des Transports Strasbourgeois (CTS, English: Strasbourg Transport Company) is the company responsible for the comprehensive public transport network of the Urban Community of Strasbourg (CUS), the urban community of the French city of Strasbourg.

The CTS currently operates all six lines of the Tramway de Strasbourg and the bus network with the eight associated Park and Ride facilities, on behalf of the Urban Community of Strasbourg. It also runs other services through its subsidiary Compagnie des Transports du Bas-Rhin (CTBR) and on behalf of the Conseil général du Bas-Rhin. These comprise 27 coach lines, of which 9 serve Strasbourg and participate in the Vélhop cycle network. It also runs Strasbourg's tourist trackless train called the minitram.

In 1877, the Strassburger Pferde-Eisenbahn Gesellschaft ("Strasbourg Horse Railway Company") was established. The business did not take a French name until 1884, as the Companie des Tramways Strasbourgeois (Strasbourg Tramway Company, CTS).

On 22 July 1878 the company opened its first carriage line. It continued to expand its network, with financial support from banks such as the Straehling-Valentin bank, and also the development of a local interest in the activity of the railway.

Electrification of the tram network did not start until 1894, in partnership with the town and AEG. The first lines were electrified the following year at the 1895 Exposition Industrielle.

In 1900, the network ran almost fifteen lines over 50 km (31 mi) of route. In 1912 the city of Strasbourg became the major shareholder of the company with 51% ownership. It was the start of its status as a public-private partnership. The city also granted an exclusive contract to run the network and construct any future lines., which gave the city power to control Strasbourg's development.

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