United States House Committee on House Administration

The United States House Committee on House Administration deals with the general administration matters of the United States House of Representatives.

The Committee on House Administration is a standing committee of the United States House of Representatives. The powers and duties of the Committee include the statutory responsibilities of the Committee on House Administration, as determined primarily by the Legislative Reorganization Acts of 1946 and 1970; the House of Representatives Administrative Reform Technical Corrections Act of 1996; and the Rules of the House of Representatives adopted on January 6, 1999.

The Committee on House Administration, which consists of 9 members, has jurisdiction over all legislation and other matters relating to the House of Representatives, such as:

Additionally, the Committee:

Due to its relatively small size, the House Administration Committee has not had subcommittees for most of its existence. For the 110th Congress, Chairwoman Millinder-McDonald recommended the creation of two new subcommittees, which were approved by the full committee on February 16, 2007. However, in the 113th Congress, the committee abolished both subcommittees.

The Committee on House Administration was created by the Legislative Reorganization Act of 1946, which merged the Committees on Enrolled Bills (created in 1789 as Joint Committee), Elections (created in 1794), Accounts (created in 1803), Printing (created in 1846), Disposition of Executive Papers (created in 1889), Memorials (created in 1929), and some functions of the Joint Committee on the Library (created in 1806 as a Joint Committee) into one new standing committee, the Committee on House Administration. (See National Archives's Records of the House Administration Committee and Its Predecessors)

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