Coa, County Fermanagh

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Coa is located in Northern Ireland
Coa, Northern Ireland is a townland, and hamlet in Mageracross civil parish, County Fermanagh. It is located at 54° 24' 9" N, 7° 33' 58" W and east of the town of Ballinamallard and is 399.11 acres in area. Landmarks include St Marys Church Coa, Cavanalough Glebe and Killee Lough.

Religion has played a large part in the History of Coa. About 450AD the parish was said to have been founded by St Patrick and about 550 AD St Columba passed thorough the area. In 1769 John Wesley visited the district bringing Methodism and Coa Chapel was built in 1770. In the early 20th century further religious movements swept the district.

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