Christine (name)

Christine is mainly a feminine name of Greek or Egyptian origin, although it is also rarely used for males. It is derived from the word Christ, which derives from the Koine Greek word Christós, the equivalent of the Biblical Hebrew term מָשִׁיחַ, māšîaḥ, "anointed". It is a name in regular usage in French, English, German, Scandinavian, Dutch, Irish, and Scottish cultures, and it is often associated with the meaning "follower of Christ." Other ways to say Christine are Christina, Kristina, Kristine, Kristen, Kirsten, Hristina, Cristina (most used in Portugal, Spain and Latin American countries), etc. In Estonia and Finland, the cognate is Kristiina. It is a popular name; for example, in 1968, it was the 14th most frequently-given name for girls in the United States. The name Christine can be shortened to Chris, Christie or Chrissy (Crissy).

Generally, the name Christine is given in Christ's honor and in reference to Saint Christina of Tyr, remembered on the 24th of July. However, there are also many other Saint Christines, remembered on 6 February, 13 March for Christine of Persia, 24 March, 18 May for Christine of Ancyre, and 6 November.


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