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Christian Concern is the trading name of CCFON Ltd, a Christian evangelical organisation in the United Kingdom which seeks to introduce a Christian voice into law, the media and Government.

The organisation was co-founded by barrister and evangelical activist Andrea Minichiello Williams. Before 2008 it was a network run from The Lawyers' Christian Fellowship's Public Policy Unit, which was then headed by Williams. An internet domain was registered to publicise this work, using the name Christian Concern For Our Nation (CCFON) and in 2006, CCFON described itself as "an activity of the Lawyers' Christian Fellowship Public Policy Unit. It functioned as a service for non-lawyers who want to be equipped to understand, act and respond to the increasing number of legal issues impacting the Gospel and Biblical justice at the heart of our society. CCFON consists of a website and e-mail update service supported by an active team of lawyers."

Williams stated that she decided to set up a separate organisation in June 2008 so as not to jeopardise the charitable status of the LCF (under UK law, a charity cannot have political activity as any of its charitable purposes) and CCFON Ltd was incorporated as an independent body on 24 June 2008.

In October 2010, CCFON Ltd shortened its operating name to Christian Concern.

Williams is currently CEO of Christian Concern and is also the founder and operating director of Christian Legal Centre, a sister organisation that describes itself as serving to "defend Christians in the public sphere and to protect the freedom of Christians to live their lives in accordance with their Christian beliefs."

Sam Solomon is a consultant for Christian Concern, advising on Islamic Affairs. Solomon wrote A Proposed Charter of Muslim Understanding for UKIP MEP Gerard Batten, who wrote the forward to the charter. A link to the charter has featured on the website since at least 2009.

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