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Club Sportiv Municipal Ceahlăul Piatra Neamț, (Romanian pronunciation: ), commonly known as Ceahlăul Piatra Neamț or simply as Ceahlăul, is a Romanian professional football club based in Piatra Neamț, Neamț County, currently playing in the Liga IV.

Originally established in 1919, the team's name stems from the not far off Ceahlău Massif. Nemțenii made their first appearance in the Romanian top division in the 1993–94 season.

The club plays its home matches in black and yellow kits at the 18,000-seater Stadionul Ceahlăul.

Despite the fact that Piatra Neamț, a town of 85,055 inhabitants (2011 census), has never been historically a landmark of Moldavia being in the shadow of important cultural and economic centers such as: Iași, Galați or Bacău, it can boast with a major thing having the oldest football club from the region.

Ceahlăul Piatra Neamț was born on 20 October 1919, the club's setting-up meeting taking place in the amphitheater of the "Petru Rareș" High School. The steering committee at that time was made up of: M.Stamatiu - Honorary president, Gh. Gheorghiu - President, M.Stati - Vice-President, O.Leca - cashier, N.Stati - Secretary. The squad of the high school has been strengthened with soldiers of the 15th Infantry Regiment, returned from the World War I front: cpt. Țicleanu, lt. Tane Săvulescu, lt. Mareș, N.Secăreanu, lt. Cosara and Mavrosca. Until 1926 Ceahlăul had an important activity on regional level and in the championship of Moldavia, which they also won in 1926. In 1927 the players, most of them students went to college and for the club followed a period of decline, with a Divizia C presence in the 1937–38 season, but unsettled to the end due to lack of a proper financial situation. After years of inconsistency in terms of sports results, in 1939 World War II broke out, and football went on the second place, both in Piatra Neamț and in Romania.

After the end of the war Ceahlăul appeared again in 1947, this time with a new team which included following players: Vulovici, Bălănescu, Ciciuc (Popovici), Actis, Manoliu, Dăscălescu, Vasiliu, Georgescu, Mata, Butnaru and Chiper.

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