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The capture of HMS Boxer in 1813 was a sea fight off the coast of Maine in the War of 1812. The United States Navy brig USS Enterprise, commanded by Lieutenant William Burrows, defeated the Royal Navy gun-brig HMS Boxer, led by Master Commandant Samuel Blyth. Constructed as a schooner in Maryland in 1799, the victorious American was rebuilt as a brig prior to the war. She met an inglorious end, wrecking in the West Indies in 1823. However, her name carried on. A number of following U.S. Navy warships bore the name. The Boxer was auctioned for $9,775 to benefit her captors, and she served as a local merchantman for some years.

On 5 September 1813, USS Enterprise with fourteen 18-pound carronades and two 9-pound long guns and 102 men sighted HMS Boxer with twelve 18-pound carronades and two 6-pound long guns and 66 men off Pemaquid Point, Maine. After six hours of maneuvering, the antagonists got down to business. Blyth prepared for a fight to the finish. He ordered a Union Jack nailed to the foremast and two on the mainmast. In Enterprise, Burrows demonstrated similar resolve. He moved one of his two long 9-pounders from the bow to a stern port, and tradition indicates he declared: "We are going to fight both ends and both sides of this ship as long as the ends and the sides hold together." When the firing commenced, the ships were eight miles southeast of Seguin. When it ended, according to William Barnes, a member of the American crew and later a respected mariner from Woolwich, the ships were "some four or five miles east from Pemaquid point, four miles southwest of East Egg Rock . . . and about seven miles west north west of Monhegan." Interestingly, Boxer was in the area having for a fee escorted an American merchantman with Swedish papers from New Brunswick to the Kennebec River.

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